Midgard dwarves are dwarf spirits of magic and metal, fey creatures with a supernatural link to the ground in which they dwell.


All midgard dwarves are excellent craftspeople, and can craft rings, arms, armor, and other items naturally. They often equip themselves with these magical trinkets when girding themselves for battle.

Magical PowersEdit


Midgard dwarves are capable of uttering a dire curse against any individual who wrongs them in any way, simply by identifying them in broad terms. A midgard dwarf can remove a curse they placed, but only does so when given proper tribute (often, gold).

Animal FormEdit

Midgard dwarves are capable of changing form into small animals, such as badgers, ravens, otters, or weasels. Each midgard dwarf has one form they can turn into.

Relationship with the GodsEdit

Midgard dwarves often have a frought relationship with the deities. Their craft is well-known, and they have often crafted metal items for particular gods, such as weapons, rings, chains, and even hair (spun of gold, of course). Other dieities have killed and robbed midgard dwarves, seeking such power. This means that midgard dwarves are suspicious of deities (and their priests) in general, feeling the gods frequently abuse their power.

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