Reproduces a sound the caster has heard.

AD&D 2eEdit

Spell Level: 2 Rarity: Uncommon (for Illusionists)

or Rare

Schools: Illusion/Phantasm, Song
Components: V, S
Range: 60 yds + 10 yds/lv Casting Time: 2
Duration: 2 rds/lv Saving Throw: Special
Area: Hearing range

This spell produces a precise mimicry of some sound the caster is familiar with that lasts for the duration. The caster can create the noise of an animal, the speech of a person, the roar of a monster, or any other noise that they are familiar with. Special effects that happen upon hearing (such as with a great roar or a siren's song) are not conveyed by this spell. Creatures that have cause to disbelieve the illusion can make a saving throw vs. spell, and if successful, they notice that it is false - they hear the wizard's own voice instead.

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