Hedwig owl coloring pages

Owls are birds known for silent movements, keen eyesight, excellent hearing, and an often mythical wisdom. They are nocturnal creatures that largely hunt smaller creatures, like small mammals or lizards. However, larger owls have been known to take fish or even young deer. They are associated with keen insight and deep knowledge, but also are considered harbringers of death.


Owls generally flee from combat. If specially trained, they may attack with swooping dives. These attacks can be nearly silent, though they don't often do much damage.


Owls frequently serve spellcasters as familiars. They impart keen eyesight to their masters, and bestow advice. Those who own owls often specialize in necromancy and divination.

Celestial OwlsEdit

Occasionally, an owl will appear with great wisdom and intelligence. These creatures are often emissaries from powerful entities of goodness, and will assist those who undertake missions of heroic causes. They resemble mundane owls in most ways, though they often appear regal, and may have a more majestic coloration. The creatures will advise those it chooses to, offering its impressive Wisdom.

Great OwlsEdit

Main Article: Great Owls

These intelligent owls are naturally suspicious of most outsiders, though they can be won over by charismatic individuals. They can be trained to serve as mounts, as well. They employ stealth and surprise in combat, much like their smaller kin.

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