Creates a horrible phantasm that murders the target.

Original D&D Edit

Dragon Magazine #1 introduced this spell to the Illusionist spell list. Dragon Magazine #12 preserved this spell on the Illusionist list, at 3rd level.

  • Spell Level 3
  • Range 6"

A beast formed from the subject's own fears, invisible to all but the subject and the caster, pursues the subject. Any touch from this phantasm will cause death, as long as the target believes it to be real. To disbelieve it, the subject must roll less than its Intelligence on 3d6. The victim can gain the following bonuses to the roll:

  • If the victim has faced a phantasmal killer before, their Intelligence is at +5.
  • If the victim is an illusionist, their Intelligence is at +1.
  • If the victim is wearing a helm of telepathy, their Intelligence is at +3, and if disbelief is successful, the victim can turn the phantasmal killer against the caster.
  • If the victim is not expecting an attack, their Intelligence is at -1.
  • If the victim is totally surprised, their Intelligence is at -3.

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