Pickaxe of Piercing
XP Value: 2,000
GP Value: 20,000

The pickaxe of piercing is an enchanted, adamantine pickaxe, designed after picks used in mining. It can be used as a weapon (1d6+2 damage, or 2d6 against large creatures), and is quite effective as a tool, being made of adamantine, but its main use is for its special properties - it sunders magic resistance and destroys magical barriers.

Sundering Magic Resistance: A creautre with 20% or better magic resistance that is struck by the pickaxe of piercing suffers a loss of 10% magic resistance each time they are hit with the pickaxe. The loss is cumulative, so that multiple strikes lower the magic resistance further. The loss is always temporary.

Destroying Magical Bariers: A protective wall, sphere, mantle, or other magical barrier struck by an attack from the pickaxe of piercing has a 10% chance each time it is hit of being destroyed. If the tool fails to destroy it, the wall is unharmed and unaffected, but a wall that fails against the blows of the pickaxe is utterly destroyed. A barrier that succeeds can be struck again, each hit having a 10% chance of destroying it.

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