Creates a beam of weaponized color

Original D&D Edit

Dragon Magazine #1 introduced this spell to the Illusionist spell list. Dragon Magazine #12 retained this spell as an illusionist spell, at level 7.

  • Spell Level 7

Creates a stream of energy 9" long and 1" wide. If any creatures are hit by it, roll 1d8. On a roll of 1-7, they are affected as below. On a roll of 8, roll twice (ignoring 8's) and apply both effects.

Color d8 Roll Pass Through
Red 1 12 points of damage
Orange 2 24 points of damage
Yellow 3 48 points of damage
Green 4 save vs. poison or die
Blue 5 save vs. stone or become petrified
Indigo 6 save vs. wand or become crystallized (dead and irrecoverable)
Violet 7 save vs. spell or become permenantly insane

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