Qorrash are genies of swirling ice and snow. They resemble blue-skinned humanoids with frost-laced flesh, and though they are nearly unclohed, they seem quite at home in the icy temperatures.

Ice MasteryEdit

A qorrashi has remarkable control over ice and snow. They radiate a constant chill, and their touch can cause frostbite. They move normally on ice, and have several spells related to ice, cold, and wind at their disposal.

Creation MagicEdit

Qorrash, like many genies, can create items out of thin air. Qorrash specialize in vegetbale matter, food, and water. They can also give false items to those who have displeased them.


Qorrash are distant cousins of the djinn. Though sterner and more self-controlled than their chaotic, altruistic cousins, there is nevertheless a feelig of kinship between the two.

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