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Riding, also known as land-based riding, is a non-weapon proficiency used to handle typical mounts such as horses. Proficiency is gained in riding one specific type of creature at a time, such as horse, camel, elephant, etc. More fantastic creatures, such as dire wolves, griffons, unicorns, etc., may also be chosen. This proficiency does not let you ride aerial mounts.

With your chosen mount type, you can perform the following abilities:

  • Saddle Vault: When the mount is not moving, you can vault into the saddle (even if wearing armor), without a check. With a check, you can vault into the saddle of a moving mount, or you can make a still mount move in the same round you mount it.
  • Leap Gaps: You can make a mount jump over obstacless 3 ft. tall or shorter, or over gaps 12 ft. wide or narrower, without a check. With a successful check, you can have the mount jump an obstacle up to 7 ft. tall or gaps up to 20 ft. wide. A failed check indicates the mount balks, and another check is required to avoid falling off the mount.
  • Push to Greater Speed: With a proficiency check, you can push your mount to greater speed, adding 6 ft. per round for a turn. If this check fails, the mount isn't pushed, but can continue at normal speed. If it succeeds, you can repeat the check each turn to continue adding speed for up to 4 turns. If any subsequent check fails, the mount drops to half speed until the rider dismounts and leads the mount for at least one turn. After 4 turns of running, the mount cannot be pushed any farther, until the rider dismounts and leads the mount for at least one turn.
  • Guide with the Knees: You can guide the mount with your knees, allowing you to use both hands while mounted. If you take damage while doing this, you must roll a proficiency check to avoid falling to the ground and taking a further 1d6 points of damage.
  • Steed Shield: If you are not wearing armor, you can drop down alongside your mount and use them as cover. The character's AC is improved by 6 points while doing this, but any attack that comes within 6 points of hitting you hits your steed.
  • Leaping Dismount: You can make a proficiency check at -4 to make a leap from your steed up to 10 ft. and make an attack against a creature upon landing. On a failed roll, the landing is clumsy, and you fall prone and take 1d3 points of damage.

Skills & PowersEdit

CP 2, Initial Rating 6, Wisdom (Intuition)

Add +2 to the proficiency score if you possess the Animal Empathy trait. Add +1 if you have the Animal Handling proficiency. These bonuses stack.

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