A rimefire eidolon is an unusual supernatural creature bonded to a paricular iceberg, and, often, to a particular character who has found the heart of that iceberg. Said to be the last vestiges of Hleid, a dead winter goddess of wildlife and healing, these mysterious entities seek out those who may still be faithful to her memory -- or may oppose her nemisis, Iborighu, a god of death and freezing.

Iceberg LairEdit

Rimefire eidolons create an iceberg around themselves, as a form of protection from their enemies. They dig out various tunnels and caverns within it to make it their lair.

Rimefire WitchesEdit

A rimefire eidolon can form a bond with a particular person, if that person is a worshipper of Hleid. They call out to potential allies from within their lairs and, once the potential ally responds, the two form a bond dedicated to restoring Hleid and destroying Iborighu.


Rimefire eidolons are only encountered in their lair, and often encountered with rimefire witches in their employ. The forces of Iborighu work to destroy these final vestiges of their hated rival, but the rimefire eidolons have many allies still in the cold lands.

A rimefire eidolon is cold to the touch, and can unleash a bolt of unified ice and blue fire at their opponents. They can also move seamlessly through ice, as if through water. They have an array of spellcasting abilities that manipulate ice and cold, and also a few divination abilities for observing the forces of their nemisis.

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