The Rocktender is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for gnome clerics. Rocktenders revere the earth and stone, venerating the very rock itself, and nurture a healthy relationship with the deep rock of the planet.

Character RoleEdit

Rocktenders fill the role of a contemplative, hermetic character. Retreating to be alone with the rock, a rocktender draws power and knowledge from the earth, and creates great works of art with a hammer and chisel. Rather than fanatic protectors of the earth, rocktenders tend to be more shepherds and caretakers, ensuring that the living stone continues to provide for the people who live in and upon it.

Building a RocktenderEdit

Rocktenders don't need any specifically remarkable ability scores, but as a cleric kit, a high Wisdom is pretty important. As a secondary skill, many learn Mason or Miner. Their weapons consist of hammers and clubs with stone heads, slings with stone bullets, and spears or arrows with flint or obsidian tips -- they have a taboo against using metal (making them resort to wooden shields and leather or padded aromr as well).

Game Rule InformationEdit

  • Benefits:
    • A gnome's natural stonecunning is perfected in a rocktender: their ability to detect grades or slopes, notice unsafe construction, and discern depth and direction are infalliable except in extreme cases (and there the DM may assign a 1-in-10 chance of failure)
    • When a rocktender summons a creature of elemental earth, they always get the largest possible type, and the elemental is exceptionally loyal to the rocktender, bearing it no ill will.
    • A rocktender is alerted before siesmic events such as rockfalls, earthquakes, and eruptions. The DM can make a Wisdom check for the character to see if the rocktender recieves a premonition. Large events like quakes and eruptions provide 1d12 hours' notice if the check is successful, while rockslides or building collapses provide 1d6 hours' notice if the check is successful.
  • Hinderances: Rocktenders can only use spells and special abilities when they are in direct contact with unhewn rock

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