Shadowcraft mage
Shadowcraft mages are illusionists who specialize in shadow-magic, shaping creatures and spell effects from the very stuff of the shadow-world. For the most advanced shadowcraft mages, illusions become a substitute for reality, with the shadow-stuff they conjure and shape being as real as the real thing.


The character must be a gnome with 4 ranks in Bluff, 4 ranks in Hide and the ability to cast at least three illusion spells, including one shadow spell of 4th-level of higher.


Shadowcraft mages recieve 4 base Skill Points at each level.

  • Strength: None
  • Dexterity: Hide, Move Silently
  • Constitution: Concentration
  • Intelligence: Knowledge (arcana), Search, Spellcraft
  • Wisdom: Spot
  • Charisma: Bluff, Disguise, Perform

Class BasicsEdit

  • Hit Die: d4
  • BAB: +1/2 level
  • Saves: Fort Bad, Ref Bad, Will Good
  • Spellcasting: +1/level of any existing class.

Class FeaturesEdit

Cloak of ShadowEdit

Starting at 1st level, attacks against the shadowcraft mage suffer a miss chance equal to 15% + 5%/level (maximum of 40% at 5th level) due to concealment. Additionally, the shadowcraft mage is allowed to make Hide checks at any time as if they had concealment. A creature that can see through magical darkness can ignore this miss chance. The cloak doesn't function in daylight, and for the purposes of light spells, it is considered a 3rd-level darkness effect. The shadowcraft mage can dismiss or activate this ability as a free action.

Silent IllusionEdit

At 2nd level, a shadowcraft mage can cast illusion spells without a verbal component (unless those spells specify that they must have a verbal component, such as bard spells).

Shadow IllusionEdit

At 3rd level, a shadowcraft mage can imbue certain figment spells with shadow-stuff, making them partially real. The shadowcraft mage can use the altered spell to mimic any conjuration (creation or summoning) or evocation spell of a level up to one level lower than the spell cast. The spell cast in this way functions like a shadow conjuration or shadow evocation spell, except that the mimiced spell's strength equals 10% per level of the figement spell used.

A shadowcraft mage can apply this effect to the following figment spells: silent image, minor image, major image, persistant image, and programmed image.

Extended IllusionEdit

At 4th level, the duration of any illusion spell or spell-like ability a shadowcraft mage casts is doubled. This effect can stack with the effects of the Extend Spell feat.

Powerful Shadow MagicEdit

At 5th level, the power of the shadowcraft mage's shadow magic increases. The spells shadow conjuration (and greater), shadow evocation (and greater), and shades have their effect increased by 20%: they are 20% more likely to affect disbelieving creatures, and they deal 20% more damage. This also applies to spells modified with the shadow illusion ability that shadowcraft mages gain at 3rd level.

Bardal SilverwhisperEdit

Bardal is a male gnome sorcerer 8/shadowcraft mage 2 who is Chaotic Good.

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