Shivhads are otherworldly creatures that dwell in remote glaciers and atop high peaks. Inscrutable, powerful, and incredibly intelligent, they are often the subject of worship for degenerate mountain cultists, who make sacrifices in this alien creature's name.


Shivhads are immense creatures that slightly resemble 40-foot tall spiders. In the center of the creature's body, three chitonous claws, and six rubbery tentacles, dangle at the ready, to attack or to interact with its environment. Each tentacle is tipped by a shark-toothed maw that speaks with uncanny, unaccented linguistic capability -- though with a booming loudness. Its body is dotted with small, black eyes, from which it percieves all that happens within its domain.


Shivhads are amongst the most dangerous creatures of the mountain peaks. They are able to percieve all that happens upon their home glacier, even when hidden, invisible, or in private. It not only exudes an aura of chilling cold, but it also absorbs cold energy, which heals its wounds. The creature can feed on others' life-force with its maw, draining all capability slowly, and can also crush opponents with its immense bulk.


Shivhads normally ally with creatures such as frost giants or ogres, cultivating a worship amongst them. Cult members sacrifice creatures to the shivhad by abandoning them on the peak.


3e Frostburn

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