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Skeletons are some of the weakest undead creatures in existence, made by apprentice necromancers from the dried bones of a creature. Fragile and weak, they are nonetheless easy to create, and fill out the lower footsoldier ranks of nearly any undead army.


Skeletons wield weapons in a basic fashion, and are incapable of anything much more elaborate. Being mindless undead, they have little to fear from trickery or charm, and their physical structure keeps piercing weapons from doing much damage to them. However, blunt weapons are highly effective at crushing them.


Skeletons can be created by using Animate Dead on a creature's remains, instantly consuming the creature's flesh and muscle, and leaving only the skeleton.

Skeleton ServantsEdit

Skeleton servants can be created that obey the commands of the creator via the Undead Servant spell. Such skeletons are more automatons than "wild" skeletons, though these servants may become uncontrolled and dangerous under certain conditions.

Original D&DEdit

Appeared originally in Monsters & Treasure. Skeletons can be created with the Animate Dead spell.

  • Number Appearing 3d10
  • Armor Class 7
  • Move 6"
  • Hit Dice 1/2

These creatures are animated by magic-users and anti-clerics. Skeletons are usually only found near graveyards, forsaken places, and dungeons, though they may also be assigned to guard some item. They do not check morale.

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