Creates a disembodied hand that can use touch spells.

AD&D 2e Edit

Spectral Hand
Spell Level: 2 Rarity: Common
Schools: Necromancy, Shadow
Components: V, S
Range: 30 yds + 5 yds/level Casting Time: 2
Duration: 2 rds/level Saving Throw: None
Effect: Creates one spectral hand in range

The ghostly hand created by this spell is made of the caster's life-force. It can be used by the caster to deliver touch attacks within the range. Any touch spell of 4th level or lower can be used by the hand, and doing so grants a +2 bonus to the attack roll. The hand also recieves any flanking or rear attack bonuses if it is in a position to gain them. It takes the enitre action of the caster to deliver an attack with this hand, and when not used to attack, the hand returns to the caster and hovers near them.

The hand can be attacked - it has an AC of -2, and any damage to the hand dismisses it and deals 1d4 damage to the caster.

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