Priest, Wizard
2 Slots
Intelligence -2

Characters with this proficiency are familiar with the forms, rites, rituals, and varieties of magic in the world. They do not necessarily have any spellcasting ability themselves, but they are familiar with spells, magic, and spellcasters. A character who observes someone casting a spell, or one who examines the material components used in the spell, can make a proficiency check to identify the spell that has been cast. A specialist gains a +3 bonus when identifying magic from their own school.

A character with this proficiency also has a chance (half of their normal proficiency score) to notice magical constructs for what they truly are.

Players' OptionEdit

CP 3, Initial Rating 7, Intelligence (Reason)

A character gains a +2 bonus if they can both see and hear the spell being cast, and an additional +2 if they can also see the material components being used. Specialists recieve a +2 bonus to discern magic from their own school, and a character can make a proficiency check to determine if an item is enchanted.

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