Creates armor out of the caster's life-force

AD&D 2eEdit

Spirit Armor
Spell Level: 3 Rarity: Uncommon (restricted to necromancers)
Schools: Necromancy, Shadow
Components: V, S, M (a square of black silk)
Range: Personal Casting Time: 3
Duration: 2 rds/level Saving Throw: Special
Target: The caster

When this spell is cast, a bit of the caster's life-essence creates a shimmering coat of armor. The armor provides AC 4, and grants the bearer a +3 bonus on saving throws against magical attacks. The armor doesn't add weight or encumbrance, and doesn't interefere with spellcasting.

When the spell ends, the caster must make a saving throw vs. spell or lose the life-essence that went into the armor, taking 2d3 points of damage that will not heal naturally (magical healing will repair it, however).

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