The Stalker is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for multiclass gnome fighter/thieves. Stalkers are gnomes akin to rangers, who hunt wild animals in the forests and woodlands of gnomish villages.

Character RoleEdit

Stalkers are quiet, stealthy types, not unlike the mouseburglar, but a little more able to go toe-to-toe with their targets. They are trackers and hunters who blend in with the trees of their homeland.

Building a StalkerEdit

Stalkers need both Strength and Dexterity to fill their role, and also must spend their Thief skill points on Move Silently and Detect Noise. If using proficiencies, stalkers benefit from wilderness survival proficiencies such as Fire Building, Fishing, Hunting, and Survival. Disguise can be useful for stalkers pursuing more...intelligent prey. Stalkers are outfitted in leather armor, and carry with them not only a rope, but also a set of lockpicks for when they enter more civilized areas.

Game Rule InformationEdit

  • Ability Score Requirement: Strength and Dexterity 13.
  • Proficiency Requirement: One missile weapon and one mleee weapon
  • Thief Skill Requirement: Must divide your discretionary points at 1st level between Move Silently and Detect Noise.
  • Benefits:
    • Bonus Proficiency: Either Tracking or Set Snares
    • +1 to damage rolls with missile weapons
    • Stalkers can gain a bonus to surprise when they are in natural environments and more than 90 ft. away from anyone in metal armor or anyone not a halfling, elf, or stalker. Meeting these requirements imposes a -4 on opponents' surprise rolls. This is halved if some door or screen must be opened.
    • When underground, stalkers can freeze in place, remaining absolutely still for long periods of time, giving them a 60% chance to remain unnoticed by an observer (even if that observer has infravision). Svirfneblin stalkers actually have an 80% chance to remain unnoticed in this state.
  • Hinderances: Stalkers cannot use a shield or any form of metal armor

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