Summons a creature known as a Shadow.

Original D&D Edit

Appears along with the Illusionist class in The Strategic Review 1-4. Dragon Magazine #12 preserved this spell on the Illusionist list.

  • Spell Level 5

Conjures a Shadow which can be controlled verbally by the Illusionist that conjured it. The Shadow will continue on its mission until that mission is accomplished, regardless of time or distance. The Shadow cannot be dispelled once conjured, but can be attacked.

Information on Shadows Edit

  • Armor Class 3
  • Movement 12"
  • Hit Dice 8

Shadows are faultless trackers who follow their orders until they are completed (at which time, they return to their home dimension). They must be destroyed to be stopped from completing their mission. Shadows resent long-term missions (such as guarding the summoner for a month or more), and may seek to pervert the spirit of their duty while adhering to the letter of it if displeased with their task, turning against the caster -- a DM can roll 2d6 for every day or week that service is required, and a roll of 12 indicates the creature turns against the summoner in this way.

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