This spell calls nearby undead creatures to the side of the caster. Undead targeted by this spell feel a compulsion to travel toward the caster's location, and do so, using whatever means of locomotion they normally use (zombies shamble, ghosts fly, undead sky pirates take flying ships, etc.).

Once there, the undead are not under any special control of the spellcaster, but, as they are not hostile, they are not likely to burst into instant violence. Undead automatons that have an assigned purpose return to that purpose, while those that have no purpose are happy to accept one from the caster, if the caster can give commands to them (using some other ability to control undead). Free-willed undead such as vampires or mummies are called as well, and they can be delt with either as undead and commanded, or as free-willed beings, and negotiated with on less authoritarian terms. 


  • Spell Level 1
  • School: Necromancy & Conjuration (specialist only)
  • Casting Time 10 minutes (1 Turn)
  • Targets: The nearest 2d6 non-hostile undead whose HD is < the caster's level, and who are within 100 ft./level of the caster.
  • Duration 1d8 * 10 minutes, +10 minutes/level
  • Special Components: Bone dust scattered to the wind during the casting.
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Note: Spell is Common for Necromancers who have joined the Red Wizards of Thay, but it is not taught to their conjurers.


This spell is most useful when a necromancer goes to areas rich in undead, and wishes to control a few using some other ability. This bypasses the need for corspes to create undead, and can take advantage of undead already in the area. Though the called undead aren't hostile, there is the risk of making an undead creature that shows up hostile -- especially if it is hungry or annoyed at the summons.

Heroic characters can make use of this spell to help them efficiently ferret out hidden or distant undead. The undead who arrive aren't hostile automatically, but certainly nothing stops the spellcaster (or their friends) from turning this into a fight once the undead are assembled.

The spell isn't quite as useful for finding undead lying in wait for ambushes or undead that actively want to harm the party for any reason, since it doesn't affect targets that are hostile.


Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume IV (1998)

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