On the world of Cerilia, a taken child is a child abducted by the fey and taken to be raised among the faeries. The faeries leave an old faerie in its place. They are normal human children in most respects, but are found among the fey courts in the Shadow World. There, they grow up much as a favored pet, like something of a novelty among the long-lived fey. They learn a thing or two under the tutelage of the fey, and by the time they are adolescents, they have learned quite a bit of stealthy and craftiness, becoming faerie-raised.

Being a normal human child, these creatures lack effective attacks or defenses (though by the age of 8, they might be able to throw a mean punch or stab with a dagger with a THAC0 of 20). They tend to be easily spooked (Unsteady (5-7) Morale), though as bright as any adult (Average (8-10) Intelligence), and appear in clusters of 1d8, rather than alone. They have a slight ability to percieve the truth of the Seeming (Perception 1-5).

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