The Shattered Temple by Tony Diterlizzi-2611 (1995-06) TSR AD&D 2ed Planescape - The Factol-s Manifesto

The Shattered Temple is the headquarters of the Athar faction in the city of Sigil. The ruined temple of a once-mighty god of portals and doorways, the Shattered Temple serves as lasting reminder of the fallability and weakness of the beings that call themselves gods...and the destructive power of the Lady of Pain, an entity that tolerates no worship.


The Shattered Temple is a ruin, but it is well-kept. The Athar ensure that there is enough shelter and safety for day-to-day activities, but the place is overgrown with razorvine and the ground around it has actual coarse grasses growing through the cracks in the stone floors, creating a "natural" atmosphere that is unusual in Sigil.

The temple isn't used much by people who aren't faction members, and many feel uneasy and nervous on its grounds, as if some of the fear that Aoskar felt as he was destoryed still lingers.


The Athar have a massive library on many topics of religion and divinity. Their scriptorium also proves to be a great place to learn to write, or to earn a bit of coin copying tracts.

The Shattered Temple also houses many devotees of the Great Unknown, so it's a fine place to go for healing if one doesn't mind the eerie atmosphere and the preaching of the Athar clerics.

The vicinity of the Shattered Temple once contained a portal to the Astral plane, but now contains a portal to the Outlands. There is also a popular tavern (the Soused Duck) and mercantile house (the Generous Coin) in the nearby neighborhood that specialize in serving faction members.


The sociable tiefling Caylean (male tiefling, level 4 ranger, chaotic good) serves as a guide for the rare visitors to the temple. Enthusiastic and cheerful, Caylean joined the faction after he was miraculously healed. A cripple from birth, he prayed to various gods to remove his affliction, but none seemed willing or able to intervene. When he denounced the gods for their cruel apathy and joined the Athar, he was miraculously healed.One of Sigil's homeless, he dwells with a poor Athar family who appreciate the joy he brings, and he works hard to be a friendly face for the faction.

The Athar librarian, Hobard (male githzerai, level 9 wizard, chaotic neutral), is a drab, pessimistic character with a flair for getting the job done with remarkable effectiveness, for all he complains about it. He enjoys petty nastiness and sneaky, underhanded tactics, and he is often recruited for adventures, being quite able, though more than a little insufferable.

The factol of the Athar is Terrance (male human, level 19 cleric, lawful good), a calm, nurturing figure who abandoned his faith gradually, calmly, and rationally. He works to support his faction against their enemies, to advocate for their needs, and to ensure their safety, but he is prone to deliberation and thoughtful action - he's no firebrand, and he doesn't go looking for fights.


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