Warrior, Rogue
2 Slots

A proficient character can follow a creature over most terrain by the trail they leave. A character can begin tracking from the trail, or the location where the creature was last seen. A proficiency check is rolled, with success meaning that a trail has been found. On a failure, the proficient character can spend an hour looking for signs and try again. If they fail this, the character cannot find a trail at this location, but might try to pick it up at some other site.

Once a trail is found, additional proficiency checks are rolled if the chance to track drops, if a second track crosses the first, or if the party resumes tracking after a halt (to eat, fight, etc.). If the trail is lost, it is lost to all who are tracking. If the modifiers drop the score to 0 or below, the trail is not possible to follow for that character (even if conditions later improve). While tracking, a character must move slower than usual, depending on their Tracking proficiency score, plus any modifiers.

  • 1-6 = 1/4 normal speed
  • 7-14 = 1/2 normal speed
  • 14 + = 3/4 normal speed.

A character can try to roll an additional proficiency check to determine the types of creatures in the tracked group, and how many of each type there are. Creature types unknown to the character will be unknown.

Characters without the Ranger class have a -6 penalty to this proficiency (rangers have no penalty). The check is also modified as below, with modifiers being cumulative:

  • Soft or Muddy Ground = +4
  • Thick bushes, vines, or reeds = +3
  • Dust, signs of passage = +2
  • Rocky ground or wooden floor = 0
  • Every 2 Creatures in the group = +1
  • Every additional creature assisting the tracker = +1
  • Every 12 hours since the trail was made = -1
  • Every hour of precipitation = -5
  • Poor lighting (starlight, moonlight, torchlight) = -6
  • Tracked party attempts to hide the trail = -5

Skills & PowersEdit

CP 4, Initial Rating 7, Wisdom (Intuition)

Rangers gain a +5 bonus to their proficiency rating. Characters with the animal empathy trait gain a +2 to their score when tracking non-domesticated animals. Characters with the animal lore proficiency gain a +2 bonus when tracking wild or domesticated animals.

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