The gate-town to Bytopia, Tradegate is a mercantile center second only to Sigil itself, and much more specialized. Trade caravans come to and from Tradegate on journeys around the planes, and the Tradegate coin -- with a star on one side, and a depiction of Ilmater on the other -- serves as one of the most popular currencies on the planes.

The town is industrious and ethical, accomodating no shifty or unproductive members of society -- the poor and the invalid are sent to the workhouse, and adventuring is considered a poor excuse to pillage. They also frown on theft, slavery, and senseless killing, and aren't above the death penalty for offenders. Perhaps surprisingly for a merchant town, there is no credit to be found in Tradegate -- those who cannot pay with cold hard coin are simply denied the service or good they seek.


Tradegate serves as a massive center of trade, and a minter of a trusted currency. It's always crowded, and there's few goods or services that are not available for the right amount of coin. Of course, being such a mercantile center, the right amount of coin might be hefty -- Tradegaters understand supply and demand, and are happy to increase their prices to suit the current situation.

Tradegate also serves as a waypoint for those going to many of the upper planes (especially Bytopia). The inn rooms are pretty pricey, but high-quality, and the best is considered the Golden Hound.

Gate to BytopiaEdit

The Gate to Bytopia is actually a person, rather than a structure. Called the "Master Trader," the creature is a bariaur with ornate, curved horns, and accessing Bytopia is done by making a successful trade with him. The terms of the trade are often steep, but the Master Trader seems to know how much a person or group can pay, and how much the gate is worth to them. He wanders the forests outside of town, sometimes wandering as far as Tir na Og.



Tradegate is an oligarchy of merchants that can buy into the lawmaking process, requiring 500,000 golden Tradegate coins. This council is called the Parliament. There is also a test of alignment to ensure that no members of Parliament are least at the time of buying in (and there's no test run to make sure that the member isn't concealing their alingment somehow).

Town ResidentsEdit

The town's residents are mostly humans and gnomes, and are mostly merchants of one stripe or another.


Market of SoulsEdit

The rumor persists that Tradegate has a "black market" in souls -- people will sell their afterlife to other folks in exchange for a pile of coins.

The Three TradersEdit

It is said that the Master Trader is an incarnation of a being called the Peddler, and both are incarnations of some other, more powerful entity.