Urskan are a race of polar-bear like humanoids with a talent for iron-work. They forge weapons and armor for themselves, and use these tools when defending their homelands. They are rare creatures, but their territories are immense, ranging over many miles of forest and tundra.


Urskans are immensely strong, and use that strength in wearing heavy iron armor and using immense iron hammers. They are capable of great charge attacks, can and can rend flesh with ease. They fight to defend their territory and to contest against each other.

Wilderness LoreEdit

Urskans are adept in a broad range of arctic habitats. Like other polar bears, they have keen scent, can swim well, and can even lurk and walk unencumbered in deep snow. They hunt seal, walrus, and fish during the long winters, but they only don their heavy armor when firmly on land, prefering to hunt in only their bare fur with tooth and claw.

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