The Vanisher is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for gnome illusionists. Vanishers specialize in various forms of invisibility, gaining power when they bestow this status on others.

Character RoleEdit

Vanishers are useful in scouting and retreval, able to make the party unseen and thwart many of the more reliable means for detecting unseen creatures simply. Vanishers also make use of spells that disguise or replace the vanished target, adding to their ability to distract on the battlefield.

Building a VanisherEdit

Vanishers can make use of the Scribe or Navigator secondary skills. If proficiencies are used, vanishers benefit from proficiencies that help them explore and operate in darkness, such as Spellcraft, Heraldry, Blindfighting, Direction Sense, Weather Sense, and Navigation.

Game Rule InformationEdit

  • Benefits: Many of a vanisher's benefits pertain to certain "specialty spells," which includes any spell that causes invisibility, as well as illusion/phantasm spells that allow the caster to alter the appearance of a creature or object, or impair the senses of the observer. This includes spells such as blindness, deafness,blur, change self, fool's gold, illusonary script, Leomund's trap, Nystul's magical aura, and vacancy.
    • Bonus Proficiency: Reading/Writing
    • Vanisher specialty spells have their duration doubled when cast by an vanisher.
    • Saving throws against vanisher specialty spells are at -2.
    • Even creatures that can normally pierce invisibilty must make a successful Intelligence check at -4 to see through objects screened by a vanisher's specialty spells.
    • At 2nd level, vanishers gain the ability to craft dust of disappearance, using flour and 100 gp worth of crushed diamond. It takes an hour to do this, and it can only be done once per day. Once created, a vanisher's dust retains its potency for two weeks.
  • Hinderances: Vanishers cannot learn spells from the Greater Divination or Conjuration/Summoning schools.

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