Twists and bends wood, ruining wooden objects.

Original D&D Edit

The spell first appeared in Supplement 3: Eldritch Wizardry, for the druid.

  • Spell Level 2
  • Range 6"

The caster can twist a number of wooden objects, making them useless. Roughly one spear shaft (of 6' length) or six arrow shafts for every 2 caster levels can be wrecked in this way, but even ship planks can be affected by this spell. Wood warped by this spell is permanently damaged.


Warp Wood Edit

Warp wood spell

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a druid spell.

Level: 2 School: Alteration
Components: V, S, M (mistletoe)
Range: 1"/level Casting Time: 4 segments
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None
Target: One 15" shaft of wood up to 1" in diameter per level

Warps wooden targets in range, ruining their utility. In addition to disabling weapons, this can be used to cause ships to leak or spring doors open.

DM's Advice: Warping the wood of a door under the effects of hold portal or wizard lock must overcome that spell. If the caster is of lower level than the caster of the locking spell, warp wood fails. If the caster is of higher level, there is a 20% chance of the spell being successful.

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