Wild plains outrider

The Wild Plains Outdier is a prestige class for characters whose mount is also their animal companion. It is intended for druids, paladins, and rangers who form a mystical bond with their mount. It is a short, 3-level prestige class.


  • Skills: Ride (9 Ranks)
  • Feats: Mounted Combat, Track
  • Special: Animal companion large enough to serve as a mount, or a paladin's special mount.

A druid, paladin, or ranger can gain access to this prestige class by level 6.

Class BasicsEdit

  • Hit Die: d8
  • Skill Point Base: 4
  • Attack Bonus: 1/level
  • Saving Throws: Fort Good
  • Class Skills: Balance, Handle Animal, Jump, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Ride, Spot, Survival, Swim

Class FeaturesEdit

Level 1Edit

Continuing FeaturesEdit

Wild Plains Outriders continue to improve their animal companion or special mount as if they were a member of their original class.

Mount BonusEdit

Add your class level to Ride checks and Handle Animal checks made with your special mount or animal companion.

Wild Plains StalkerEdit

Your mount uses your skill ranks in Hide and Move Silently rather than its own (it still applies its own modifiers to those ranks)

Level 2Edit

Wild Plains SwiftnessEdit

Increase all of your mount's movement speeds by 10 ft.

Level 3Edit

Wild Plains OffensiveEdit

Your mount can take a single move action on your turn, and you may still use the Full Attack action.


Joran Vahsk (CR 9) is a human ranger 6/wild plains outrider 3 who favors archery and attacks goblinoids and orcs in preference to others. His companion is a heavy warhorse named Ji'ikala.

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